Change App Theme Colors

If you want to change the apps theme color go to:


    Set your primary, accent and etc colors for dark and light theme]

Add New Local Language

  • Go to <project>/lib/l10n Create a new file suppose if you want to add arabic language The file name will be like: Intl_ar.arb file also.

    Copy the all json file from intl_en.arb and add all the arabic translate file Example

        “home”:”Home” replace this with “home”: “بيت“
        Press Ctrl+S
  • Run the following command in your terminal Flutter pub run intl_utils:generate

Recommended tutorial is below 👇

Change App Font #

  • Download you preferred font from internet. Google has many free font you can check them:
  • Unzip fonts and paste it them to <project> /assets/font/ folder.
  • Mentioned them in <project> /pubspec.yaml file like: fonts:
    • family: YOUR_FONT_FAMILY_NAME fonts:
      • asset: assets/font/YOUR_FONT_FILE_NAME.ttf weight: YOUR_FONT_WEIGHT
  • Replace font family name in <project> /lib/theme/light_theme.dart, <project> /lib/theme/dark_theme.dart and <project> /lib/util/styles.dart file.