Basic Starter

RazinShop offers a comprehensive multi-vendor eCommerce solution, simplifying management of multiple ventures in one platform. Streamlined operations grant businesses control over various aspects, while a user-friendly interface ensures ease for sellers and customers alike. Advanced features further enhance RazinShop’s functionality and effectiveness.

  • Real server, Server related knowledge like apache or local machine server, we preferred to use a real server.
  • IDE for Mobile development, we preferred Android Studio and VSCode.
  • Basic knowledge in PHP, Dart, Laravel and Flutter if you want to do some customization yourself (Not compulsory).
  • Flutter SDK and JDK with path setup in your IDE.
  • Basic knowledge about google cloud and firebase
  • Server related knowledge and we preferred cPanel in your server for quick installation

The Envato price doesn’t include any installation and app publishing support. You need to follow the documentation step by step for installation, setup, and other branding-related changes. We are not responsible for your mistake. Also if you do any customization it is your responsibility.