System Update

The latest system update includes enhanced security features, improved performance, bug fixes, and compatibility updates for newer hardware and software.

Admin Panel

Email :

Password : secret


Don't change anything just upload the file.

Recommended tutorial is below 👇

Follow This Instructions

  1. Zip your project folder.
  2. Login to your cPanel.
  3. Go to the cPanel Terminal.
  4. Choose your root directory, and type the command composer update
  5. Example

  6. Then open any browser and search by typing domain name / update, then update process button will be seen on the screen and press that button to go to the next step..
  7. Example

    Example-01 Example-01
  8. To verify purchases, Enter your Email, Domain, Codecanyon Username, and Purchase code, and press the verify purchase button.
  9. Example

  10. Now a Ready to Update screen will appear, select your update zip file and then press the Upgrade Now button.
  11. Example

  12. Now a congratulation screen will appear where you have to wait for 10 seconds then your post system home page will show
  13. Example